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[ yoo-bik-wi-on ] : from ubiquitous; meaning present, appearing, or found everywhere.

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Business Solutions Delivered Through Digital Technology

Ubiquion are providers of consultancy and services which assist customers implement optimal business solutions based on digital technologies.

Our mission is to understand the unique requirement of each customer and assist in the delivery of solutions which enhance their business performance.

Ubiquion business solutions are integrated, automated and secure.

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We offer a range of services to support your organisation at every step of your journey towards optimised digital solutions.


Implementing and managing the platform on which your organisation executes its core business activities.

Business Analysis

Understanding your business processes requirements in order to design optimal integrated systems.

Solution Implementation

Installation and configuration of the systems required to deliver your optimised business solutions.


Knowledge transfer to your administrators and end-users to ensure they leverage the benefits of their business systems.

Custom Enhancements

Extending solutions through custom development to fulfil your detailed requirements.

Project Services

Facilitating delivery of your projects - from concept through to implementation - ensuring successful outcomes.


Our solutions seek to leverage the benefits of cloud-based systems to ensure ease of onboarding, cost saving, scalability, and flexibility.

Cloud Services

Accessible solutions delivering flexibility and scalability, with reduced implementation timeframes and cost savings - what's not to like?

Digitital Processes

Feature-rich information systems provide a platform that enable you to leverage your existing information more effectively and deliver high-level operational efficiency.

Integrated Systems

Connected applications further enhance processing efficiency and accuracy of information.

Automated Processes

Process flows driven by connected applications improve task lead times and deliver consistent results.

Web Development

Utilising web-enabled interfaces provides a greater advantage in mobilising your information, increasing collaboration, and reaching outside your organisation.

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Microsoft Office 365

Our specialists services include:

- Design, configuration and administration of the core Microsoft Office 365 applications and services, as well as Flow, Planner, Teams

- Sharepoint customisation

- Integration with 3rd party applications using the Microsoft Graph API


Successful projects require a structured approach to ensure a successful outcome.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you a platform where all information is processed digitally, systems are integrated, and your data is securely managed.

If you’re not there already – we can help you optimise your business processes.

Colin Hibbert

Consultant Ubiquion Business Solutions

High-quality cloud-based subscription software has opened up considerable opportunity to businesses of all sizes. Ease of onboarding, cost saving, scalability, and flexibility are the main benefits of cloud-based solutions. Ubiquion assist businesses leverage cloud-based solutions to deliver optimised business solutions as well as an exceptional user experience.