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Ubiquion is a provider of both software and services related to Information Management - with an emphasis on Cloud solutions. We have the experience and skills to support a range of technical requirements for todays forward-looking organisations.

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We aim to assist organisations enhance their processes and use of information to deliver better performance. Digitising you information allows you to integrate your processes to achieve greater productivity and collaboration through connected systems.

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Digitise your information. If you're working with paper records or information on network drives we can assist in migration to a feature-rich information system that enables you to leverage your existing information more effectively.



Integrate your processes. Having electronic systems enables you to leverage your information - but integrated systems provide the greatest efficiency. We can help you assess integration potential and undertake the technical tasks required.



Attain your business goals. It's not all about technology - people are key to your success. Implementing improvements is about enabling your team to deliver success both internally and externally. Help them perform and deliver on objectives.



Connect your customers and colleagues. Enable collaboration within the workplace - and ensure your customers are part of your vision. Web presence and use of social media are key components of your communications strategy.


We have a range of services to assist with solution delivery. From intial assessment of your current systems and processes, solution design, and through to implementation and ongoing administration, we can support you at every step of the journey.


Details and Pricing 

Helping you assess where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there. We can guide you from start-to-finish.


Details and Pricing 

We can assist with the technical tasks required to implement, integrate, migrate, and administer your systems.


Details and Pricing 

Providing you an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system to store your corporate information in a secure, managed respository.


Details and Pricing 

Supplying a cloud-based platform to host systems and store data. Let us implement and manage your platform and architecture for you.


Ubiquion was founded with the vision of providing an affordable Information Management alternative to on premise systems, utilising Cloud technologies and developing user-friendly, intuitive software solutions. The ability to provide lower cost alternatives would not only offer savings for larger organisations with incumbent on premise systems, but also offer smaller organisations the opportunity to realise the benefits of such systems - previously not viable due to the associated implementation, maintenance, and licensing costs.


Over the course of our journey to-date Ubiquion has since expanded on its original Vision to incorporate not only product, but also service offerings. We offer customers a holistic services package which includes:

  • Consulting services to assist in understanding the current state of their organisation and what their future vision includes.

  • A hosted Enterprise Content Management System providing you a centralised repository for your corporate information, capable of integration with other line-of-business systems.

  • An ability to host other systems and data of your choosing within a cloud environment.

  • Technical services to assist with the hands-on tasks required to transform their existing business process towards their future state.

  • Administrative services to support the organisation under business-as-usual conditions.

You understand that your business processes are the basis for the continued successful operation of your organisation; and with the experience and understanding we have Ubiquion provides a partnership opportunity which enhances your operational performance and competative advantage utilising current technologies.


Ubiquion has a culture of open communication and collaboration. Quite simply, we're here to help; and believe in providing great service to our customers. When you engage with Ubiquion you'll feel a real sense of partnership and inclusion. We engage in a manner that's right for your own organisational culture with one aim in mind - great outcomes based on partnership and service.


Below are some frequently asked questions related to the products and services Ubiquion provides. If you have another question, not answered below, please contact our Customer Service team.


Throughout our website we've provided an indication of the products and services we provide.

Provision of our services is not exclusively related to our products. We're able to assist with all manner of systems and technical tasks, and will happily discuss your requirements and assess the projects that you are seeking to progress before we ask for a financial committment.

We partner with other vendors on a needs basis. In such cases where a 3rd party is involved, Ubiquion will be your single point of contact for all matters related to the providsion of products and services.

Ubiquion ECM is a subscription based product - see the ECM FAQ's for further details of how we manage customer invoicing related to the ECM.

Hosting Services are charged similarly in that invoices will be raised monthly inline with your organisations monthly usage.

Consulting and Administrative Services are typically invoiced once the agreed services have been delivered.

In all cases we're open to discussing you unique invoicing requirements, understanding that you have your own internal processes to align with. Talk to our Customer Service team if you have specific invoicing requirements or queries.


The Cloud, or Cloud Hosting, is an approach whereby systems are located in a network which has a predefined level of access.

For example, systems in the Public Cloud are systems which are hosted on servers which reside outside the organisations network. Private Cloud refers to a Cloud deployments which reside within the organisational network. There are benefits and limitations of either deployment model.

Ubiquion resides in a Public Cloud allowing users to access it from any device connected to the internet.

For further information refer to our article, Cloud Computing - An Introduction.

Software as a Service, or SaaS, is a model by which software applications are made available to customers from an off-site location - that is the application is not installed within the customers existing network or premises - which requires they be accessed via an internet connection.

Many benefits can be realised from utilising SaaS as opposed to on-premise implementation.

For further information refer to our article on Benefits of Software as a Service.

Absolutely. We've found that many organisations fail to invest time in their website; in some cases the content on display and the look-and-feel of the website are significantly out of date.

As you website is your shopwindow to a gloabl audience your website reflects your business and first impressions can endure.

We can both administer your website routinely - uploading new content and liaising with your web hosting provider - as well as revamping, or building entirely new sites.

If your current site has outdated content or if the site is not yet 'responsive', i.e. doesn't adjust it's display automatically to the device it's being viewed from, then this is an area you should address for the benefit of your corporate image.


Information or Content Management is becoming increasingly important to organisations; whether for compliance reasons or to maintain their competative advantage in their market.

Many organisations react to changing Information Management requirements, adopting new technologies in line with customer demand. However, to ensure your organisation is heading in a technological direction which will endure and support the business through all events pausing for a period to review the current state and identify a forward-thinking strategy could avoid significant issues at a later date.

For this reason Ubiquion seek to assist organisation identify what they have, determine it's value, understand how they can leverage more value, and then implement the necessary steps.

If you don't yet have an identified stragety or have no understood direction related to how you manage information coming in and going out of the organisation we can assist with the assessment and mapping of your path forward.

Ubiquion have considerable skills and experience to assist your organisation with a range of topics - whether of a strategic nature, or technically hands on.

We are able to facilitate your progression from current state, with the identification of you vision, and through to delivery.

Our approach to provision of services is one of collaboration. As an organisation you will be expected to commit to the engagement, imparting the necessary context that make our organisation unique, make decisions - to allow us to guide you more effectively.

At the end of the process we'll have shared our knowledge and understanding for your ongoing benefit, and will have developed a strong relationship - and trust - with your team.

Ubiquion are about delivering value, and customer success.


An Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system's primarly purpose is to provide organisations a centralised repository for storage and accessing documents, and information that is considered to have value important to that organisation. Unlike line-of-business systems which are utilised for a particular set of transactions, ECM provide a more flexible means of information storage which can be configured to suit the needs of the organisation. In some cases line-of business systems may be integrated with ECM to provide a means of retaining historical versions of documents, a feature not commonly supported by line-of-business systems.

Organisations may have varying reasons for adopting an ECM. However, once implemented a range of benefits will be realised if implemented well.

For further information refer to our article on Benefits of Enterprise Content Management Systems.

Anyone. From a single user to an large corporate entity anyone can benefit from Ubiquion ECM.

As licensing is based on number of users, a single user can benefit from Ubiquion as much as a large organisation - accessing the same features and functions as they deem necessary.

Just about anything that you either generate electronically, or exists physically - the location of which requires tracking.

Ubiquion ECM has the ability to manage documents; retain contact information; track tasks; store events, URL link, notes; and track physical objects.

This means that within Ubiquion ECM we can store and manage any artefact of value to your organisation.

Examples of information that could be stored in Ubiquion can be viewed in the Features section.

You can take advantage of our free 30 day trial offer which allows you to utilise all aspects of Ubiquion ECM functionality during that period.

Absolutely. The trial gives you access to all the features you'll enjoy when you complete a full subscription - but at no cost for the 30 day duration.

Contact our Customer Service team at any time and we'll take you through the process.

Yes. We are able to assist with:

 Planning your deployment

 Loading all your users into the system

 Loading your File Plan (folders hierarchy) into the system

 Importing existing documents into the system

Please contact our Customer Service team to discuss your requirements.

The data can be retained or it can be removed and a clean instance of the system be provided - it's your choice. Just advise us when you request the full subscription.

We're flexible. Monthly, quarterly or annual billing can be arranged.

Yes. We're happy to adjust subscriptions. Contact our Customer Service team as required.

We have a range of tools to support importing of data to Ubiquion ECM depending on the volume required.

The File Plan Import Tool allows you to upload your hierarchy via a CSV file, following which you could utilise simply drag-and-drop to import multiple documents in batches, or utilise the Microsoft OneDrive integration.

For significant volumes we can draw upon our Migration Services offering to support a more planned execution of a migration from your current system(s). Please contact our Customer Service team to discuss your requirements.